Echoless Space

How did you even get here?


What name do you go by most often?

David. As an online moniker, probably freedomischaos. It's been that for as a long as I care to remember. Sometimes someone else snags it and it makes me annoyed, but so it goes.

What do I do for a living?

Some would say live, but I fear that's a bogus answer and needs a lot more time to explain it.

I sometimes describe it as a mix of Software Engineering and Tech Support. I guess that's probably or technically Application Support, but it also all the related technologies that go into that and I end up with a few hats.

I'm a terrible programmer, but I can generally read and understand most human-readable code (e.g. java/python/javascript). I just don't care to do much of it, though it's slowly become more of a requirement in my life and job.

Have you considered a better hobby?

All the time actually, but it's difficult considering that I think this is my special interest so it tends to devour a lot of my time no matter how much other considerations I give it.

In some mild form of reality though, I do have some hobbies.

Dominating interest - I do enjoy quite a cliché amount of tabletop role playing games (generally non-D&D such as Vampire the Masquerade, Mage the Ascension, Blades in the Dark, Conan, Alternity ('99), Degensis, Old Gods, and Pathfinder). I wouldn't say it is because I hate D&D, but more, I have played enough of it and other games scratch the itch I'm looking to find or create. I do also love to create homebrew worlds/locations/characters quite a lot and what I believe to have is a generally good mind for balance for it.

In other hobbies, I really like to go rock-climbing. Despite being a larger guy, I'm not terrible at it. Plus it is a reason to get outside and hang out with other weirdos.

I also have a desire to learn more woodworking which is slow growth really, then there is the array of fishing, kayaking, hiking, weird and interesting places to eat, beers and ciders, plus new things all the time.